Sub Wing

Glide Like A Manta Ray With The New Sub Wing

Have you ever been snorkeling, but felt like the marine life was just out of view?  Ever tried to dive down to see something and then have to return for air just as you get there?  This week, in addition to the human version of gills, we saw the release of the SubWing.  This device is towed behind a boat or jet ski and allows you to literally glide, dive, twist and turn like you are a manta ray!

How Does The Sub Wing Work?

The SubWing appears to be opening up a new category of water sport taking the best of diving and adding the ability to cover a large area.  It works much like a wing that is broken into 2 halves, connected by a hinge that allows them to pivot.  This pivoting allows the rider to do all sorts of underwater acrobatics as well as surfacing to take a breath of air.  There are two ways to hang on to the SubWing, one for when you are learning and then another for when you are ready to start doing some acrobatics.  Connecting both wings is a flexible handle that you can easily hold on to or let go of as you learn how to fly among the fishes.  Once you master that, there are places at the leading edge of each wing that you can hold which allow you to pivot each wing and start to really do some maneuvers.



Where Do I Get One?

If you truly want to fly like an eagle underwater and you have the $495/$795 to fork over, I”m sure you won’t be disappointed by the SubWing.   Currently, they appear to be available on the subwing website, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them all over pretty soon.  Now I just can’t wait to see the video of someone flying through a pod of dolphins.  I wonder what they will think of us humans and our crazy water sports now!