Happy Earth Day From The ReefNation Team!

Have you Hugged a Coral Today

Today, April 22 is Earth Day. People all over the world in more than 193 countries are celebrating this day. This day was first celebrated in 1970 and its founder was a senator from the great state of Wisconsin.  The idea behind celebrating Earth Day is to raise awareness among the people about the fragile state of the Earth’s environment. The oceans in particular have been at the receiving end of our greed, yet they are the key to the preservation and sustenance of life on earth. Without them, life here would cease to exist. All too often, we continue to look the other way regarding the health of the world’s oceans. Over fishing is now a huge issue and world leaders are now beginning to realize that the world’s oceans are not a limitless resource.

The oceans and  reefs of the world are not what they were even a generation ago. Worldwide, ocean levels are rising, threatening many that live along our coastlines and fisheries are being exploited across all the world’s oceans.  All these problems need to be addressed urgently as we celebrate Earth Day today.

Every year Earth Day celebrations are helping to raise awareness among the people of the world.  People who are now becoming increasingly concerned at the rate of change we are seeing around us.  If there is one thing that should blur party and country lines it should be taking care of the place that gives us a place to live.  Stewardship of this planet we call home can only result in a better place for our children to live and no one can argue that is a bad thing.

What are you going to do to make a difference?