Its been a long, hard day at work. You pull into the driveway of your house and turn off the car engine. The lock of your front door clicks open with a resounding, “Welcome home” as you turn the key. You set down your briefcase with a satisfying thunk, kick off your shoes and loosen your tie. The TV, Mr. Lazyboy and a cold beer are calling your name. Why not add a beautiful freshwater and saltwater tank to the mix as well for a end-of-the-work-day stress reliever? The art and hobby of aquaculture has grown in popularity. Hundreds of varieties of fish and other marine animals are now available for people to keep and enjoy right at home. In addition, there are dozens of different styles, designs and sizes of tanks; you can even custom design your own! Therefore, in honor of this age-old past time of keeping a fish tank at home, I thought it would be fun to share some fresh and innovative aquarium designs that are “up and coming.”

“The Labyrinth”



If you are a chemistry nerd and images of hydrogen and oxygen molecules keep dancing around in your head, then this aquarium is perfect for you! Made of lucite acrylic and powder coated aluminum legs, this  tank has not one but five different tanks connected by different tunnels that the fish can swim in between. This tank set is built more for freshwater fish since the filtering system is more basic (a water pump and filter are included in the original set up). In addition, this tank comes with silk plants and three automatic overhead lights in three of the main “bubbles” that the fish can inhabit. Even though this tank design is super cool, it is also very expensive (a whopping $6500.00!). Therefore, this would be the tank to purchase if you want a modern piece and a big pocket book. For more information about this tank and how to order one, check out the website www.

“The End Table”


How cool would it be to have your friends over for dinner and to see their eyes pop when they behold an end table that is not just an end table…but a full-blown aquarium! The company, “Seven Seas Aquariums” offers end table aquariums ranging from 15-40 gallons and can be custom designed to suit your home needs. Many of the aquariums are equipped with a two-stage submersible pump, lighting, decorative plants and a bed of blue gravel which is illuminated from below. The tanks are made of cell-cast acrylic which is about seventeen times stronger than glass and much clearer to see through. The tanks range in price from $700 dollars (a 15-gallon square tank) to $1000 dollars (a 40-gallon octagonal tank). For more information about these tanks, you can go to the website

“The Jellyfish tank”


The art and practice of keeping jellyfish within home aquariums has become more popular in recent years. However, jellyfish have specific habitat and dietary requirements; making it more difficult to maintain them under human care. But thanks to new advances in science and technology, a few companies have been able to come up with some pretty cool tank designs for housing common species of jellyfish such as the Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita). Ranging from $250 to $600, these tanks come in a few different kits or set-up based on your budget. You can purchase either purchase just the tank or a kit that includes the tank, about three jellyfish, a water heater, thermometer, food for the jellyfish and other accessories. The tank is made of acrylic and has built in filtration and lighting systems. Since jellyfish are delicate and made mostly out of water, the tank has a built-in circular flow system that keeps them in the middle of the tank while a bubble channel on the outer circumference of the tank shields them from outside air. What is also cool about this tank is that it LED backlighting that brings a setting of peaceful tranquility to any home or office space. If you wish to order and read more information about these super cool aquariums, check out www.

“But wait…there is more…”

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg on what may be thousands of different aquarium designs. Viewing fish and other marine species swimming or floating around brings a sense of peace and has been known to relieve stress. However, it is very important to remember to do extensive research on different species of fish and to only purchase fish that have been raised under human care rather than buy wild-caught species. We want to enjoy the underwater world but also work to conserve all marine spaces that are natural as well. I hope this article encourages you to explore the fascinating world of aquarium design and aquaculture that has grown in popularity. Happy swimming!