How Not to Handle A Moray Eel

I”ve heard Canadians are friendly, but this caretaker at the Regent Casino‘s underwater aquarium in Winnipeg has taken it to new levels.  The whole casino has a nature theme and different areas of the facility house different animals.  There are tropical looking areas with palm trees, rooms that make it look like you are in a cave, oh and a tropical reef that you can walk under.

The aquarium is an acrylic tunnel that let’s visitors walk under a 40,000 gallon aquarium that holds more than 400 tropical reef fish, exotic sharks, and yes…  eels. Along the sides of the acrylic tunnel visitors can walk through, there is a replica of a sunken ship that gives some hiding places to the tanks’ residents.  The eel that is featured in the video is a green moray (Gymnothorax funebris) which can grow to about 8ft long and weigh in close to 65 pounds.

Feeding a Green Moray Eel

Now there isn’t much detail around this video and a few others that are on youtube, but we can assume that the dude in the tank is the caretaker and that this is not his first time in there with that eel.   I have to admit that while I’ve seen these eels fed before, i’ve never seen one swim around with the diver for this long.  It actually seems to like being held and twisted around and the diver doesn’t even have a hand full of food!  Its good that the eel seems to enjoy this, but hopefully noone watches this and tries it in the ocean.  An eel this size could easily take your hand off in one bite.



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