Neptune Systems DOS

MACNA 2014 LATEST-Neptune launches DŌS

by Justin Hester

Utah, get me 2! DŌS that is!

Hot off the press from MACNA, Neptune systems has entered into the tank dosing market with a bang.  From the looks of their new doser cleverly named “DŌS”  it will not only be able to do your daily dosing of things like alkalinity and calcium, but will also include both micro and macro dosing for trace elements and water changes.

Neptune Systems DOS DOS will also tie in to your APEX controller just like the auto feed module Neptune came out with last year.  This will be via their typical USB connection pictured here on the back of the unit. There are a few more connections on the back which we will look at here in a sec.



Neptune Systems DOS





So far the details look like the dosing brain will hit the streets first, followed by a 2 liter canister that will be able to hold your dosing liquid.  There appear to be inputs on the back of the main dosing brain that will connect the dosing liquid canisters to it so that the level of the liquid can be monitoreNeptune Systems DOSd as well.  All in all a very clean design with all the function that reef keepers could want in a liquid doser.

In their press release, Neptune mentions that this unit will finally be able to step down in dosing amounts to be able to put things like Potassium, Amino’s, and Iodide in the aquarium at their very small amounts and spread them over a nice long time interval.  Complimenting that, it can also handle macro dosing operations like water changes which can also be spread out over a longer period of time to not shock your tank inhabitants.


Two other improvements that Neptune has appeared to make over traditional dosing pumps are around the motor that powers the unit as well as with the peristaltic tubing that feeds the liquid.

Neptune Systems DOSFirst the motor is a brush-less stepper motor.  This is an important design improvement over traditional brush enabled DC motors in that it won’t get out of dosing cadence down the line and start adding more or less liquid than it should.  This was always the Achilles heal of the cheaper DC brush motors.

Second, the new DOS unit has finally made maintenance on the peristaltic tubing simple to replace.  In the past with every doser I have ever used, it was a wrestling match each year when I went to replace the tubing on the pump.  This unit advertises quick plug and play replacement with a tube that simply snaps right into place.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be pretty excited to get my hands on one of these.  Once we do, look for a full review from the ReefNation team.