Some new frags and some old favorites

Got to making some frags today and to be honest, its been a couple of weeks with it being a bit busier than normal around here.  These aren’t on the store just yet.

Here is a key for them.  Hopefully they are showing up in this order:)  Send me a PM on facebook or an email at for prices on these before they go on the site later this week.

1 Reef Raft Porites

2 ReefNation Purple encrusting Galaxia

3 Tyree Seasons Greetings/ Chilli Pepper Monti

4 Japanese Deep Water zoa

5 Emerals on fire zoa

6 metalic orange mushroom

7 Jason Fox Cornbread Bling Bling Cyphastrea

8 Eagle Eye Zoas

9 Jason Fox PPE Cyphastrea

10 Leng Sy Montipora Cap

11 Japanese Deepwater Zoa

12 Bam Bam Zoa

13 Reef Raft Skittles

14 Jason Fox Summit Monti

15 Garf Purple Bonsai

16 Paletta Pink Tip Stag

17 Pro Corals Rainbow Acro

18 Paletta Pink Tip Stag

19 Jason Fox Carduus

20 Aussie Strawberry Shortcake

21 Mr Pacman

22  Unknown Aussie Acro

23  Japanese Deepwater Zoa

24 Oompa Lumpa Zoa with Orange rim

25  Green Rasta Zoas

Reef Raft Porites RN Purple Encrusting Galaxia Tyree Seasons greetings/ CHilli Pepper monti Japanese Deepwater Zoa Emerals on fire Zoa IMG_6126 IMG_6127 Zoanthid IMG_6133 IMG_6135 Japanese Deepwater Zoa Bam Bam Zoa Zoanthid Inland Corals Jason Fox Blue Summit Montipora Garf Purple Bonsai Jason Fox PC Rainbow Acro Jason Fox Jason Fox Ausie Strawberry Shortcake Mr Pacman Acro Bad Smitty Coral IMG_8962 electic oompa lumpa with orange edge Rasta Zoas