Not Your Grandma’s Scraper


Over the years, we have all seen the many many different devices on the market for cleaning aquarium glass on reef tanks.   Everyone who keeps a coral aquarium can attest to what a pain it is to constantly keep up with the algae film or coraline algae buildup on the glass or acrylic surface.  If you are anything like us, you probably also have a collection of all the mediocre options out there that you have tried.  Some were not good at getting corners, some wouldn’t scrape hard enough for the coraline algae, and if you had a rear access only tank these were the most difficult.   There were two types of cleaners on the market, scrapers or scrubbers, but never both.   Just last month, we had gotten to try the new Mag-Float Scraper and while we don’t typically like to come down one way or another on products, this one blew us away!

If your tank has front access, that is you can stick your arm in while your eyes direct you to the dirty spots, you have always had a few decent options out there as far as scrapers, as well as the other magnetic cleaner companies.  The one area that really hasn’t had a decent option was those of us with rear access tanks.  That is tanks where you can’t see where you scrape.  We either had to rely on less that ideal scraping magnets for cleaning the front of the glass as we look at the tank, or reaching into the tank from the back with a long scraping arm and not being able to see what we are not getting until we run around to the front of the tank again.  Either way this was a pain, needed to be done a few times a week, and wasn’t a “fun” component of the reef keeping hobby.

Enter the Mag-Float Scraper!  A few things about the design of this device makes it stand out in the pack to us.  First, its a bit longer than any magnetic scraper we have used before, giving it leverage to push down on the glass.  Second, the attached scraper blade is replaceable so you can pop one off when it gets old and put a new one on.  Third, this blade is rounded and a little wider than the magnet which allows you to get into corners while not scratching the glass.  Finally, just like all Mag-Floats, if you somehow manage to break the attraction of the magnet, guess what, it floats.

One final note on this product that we wanted to mention because it was plastered on every piece of marketing we saw on it, is that this device is for GLASS ONLY.  Assume as you probably would that any reef aquarium scraper that has metal on it will scratch the heck out of an acrylic aquarium if you used it on there by mistake.   Perhaps someday there will be an attachment to this device that will be more suited to those with acrylic tanks like some of the hand scraper manufacturers have.