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Project Reef Report

We are excited to launch Project Reef Report which will give hobbyists a chance to see in real time what water parameters are around the worlds oceans!

While reef hobbyists and the creatures we keep come from all around out planet, the water parameters all of us strive to keep our tanks at are actually very similar. Project Reef Report will allow us to see if indeed we are keeping our tanks at the same parameters we see in nature.  It will also help us see if these conditions change throughout the year.  These are some of the questions we want to learn through Project Reef Water, but we need YOUR help.

How can you help?

Do you live by a reef? Do you own the standard reef test kits for Salinity, Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate and Phosphate? Test your local water and send us the results to

ReefNation Project Reef Water

What if you don’t live by a reef?  Do you have any tropical vacations planned? Do your friends have any coming up? Bring back 1 water bottle or ask them to, and then let’s test the water and see what it looks like. Just tell us about the location of where you collected your water so we can note it in the results.

If you would like us to test your water, you can send us 100ml sample and we will do that for you as well!  Just email us and we will make arrangements for your water sample.  Results will be posted on where we will summarize all the data

What will we be testing?

Copyright Hanna Instruments 2012

Copyright Hanna Instruments 2012





As we kick off the project, we ask that you test what you can.  If all you have is a thermometer and you want to tell us the temperature of your local ocean water, that is great.  Ideally, we would love to run the following which are part of our weekly reef tank testing regimen:

-Location ( lat/lon preferred)

-Salinity ( or specific gravity and temp)









What can we learn from this?

Our goals for this project are to learn the following:

-See in near real time what the ocean’s water looks like in terms that we are familiar with in our reef tanks
-Discover long term trends in water quality around the world’s oceans
-Learn about the different conditions corals grow under
-Discover what seasonal changes exist


We are excited to work with all of you reefers across the globe to get a pulse on the worlds oceans on a real time scale.  Tell us all about your sampling and we will share your experiences with others.  Send us a sample or your results and we will get them logged today!  Let’s see what we learn and what new questions we start to ask.  If you have any questions, email us at




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