Rapid LED Onyx Lights

RapidLED Onyx Light Review

by Justin Hester

RapidLED has made a name for themselves in the last few years by providing the reef community with some powerful, yet economical DIY LED lighting solutions. Their latest series called the ONYX, aims to give us some clean, sleek, all in one lighting fixtures that can light the biggest tanks without tanking your budget. We recently got our hands on one and tried it out over a few of our reef tanks to see how it stacked up against our other lighting.



28 LEDs Worth Of Coral Growing Power!

The Onyx LED light kit include fans, hanging options and, with the dimmable option, you can get a cable that allows you to connect to your reef controller (0-10v). The dimmable Onyx is available in a few colors, so if style is something you need, they’ve got you covered. You can also choose between 60 and 80 degree optics for the blue and white LED’s depending on how deep your tank is or what corals you are growing. The Red and Green LED’s have a 100 degree lens on them to get a good spread throughout the light coverage area. Here is the breakdown of the LED’s used to make up the Onyx:

  • 14 CREE XT-E Royal Blue
  • 8 CREE XP-G Cool White
  • 4 SemiLEDs Violet UV
  • 1 CREE XP-E Green
  • 1 Oslon 660nm Red

Here is the light profile you can expect in your tank with the 60 and 80 degree lense choices:

Rapid LED Onyx Light Profile-60 Rapid LED Onyx Light Profile-80


Fitting the Onyx To Your Reef Tank

The dimmable Onyx offers 3 separate channels of color tuning control: royal blue, cool white, and mixed (red, UV, green) colors. This allows you to use your reef controller to tune your reef coloration from crisp white up to a deep blue. To do this, you will simply need to add the wiring option that adapts the Onyx dimming controls right to your reef controller.

For those looking to add a few of these reef lights to their setup, Rapid also offers a connector cable that allows you to daisy chain multiple lights to each other. While we didn’t get to try this with our demo unit, the possibility of eliminating much of the wiring that comes with DIY fixtures seems tantalizing. The full specs and dimensions on the ONYX are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 6″ x 13″ x 2″ (l x w x h)
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Hanging Kit: Included
  • Lenses: 100 degrees for red/green, your choice of 60, 80 or 100 degrees for the other LEDs
  • Power Consumption: 90W
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • AC Adapter: Included, 10′ long
  • Warranty: 18 months. We absolutely stand by our product! Thus, if the lights stop working after 18 months but is within a 5 year window from purchase date, we will replace/fix the unit for a flat fee of $75 + shipping.


Rapid’s ONYX, A Great All In One Option

Rapid LED continues to offer great lighting solutions to the reef community. Their Onyx line of lights continues this trend. We found our demo unit to be bright, lightweight, and easy to mount to a variety of locations in our aquaculture facility. Couple that with their entry price of $279 all in for the non dimmable and 339$ for a fully dimmable setup and we think they have a winner here. The fan and a rubber cover will ensure that the light lasts a very long time in our harsh saltwater environments as well. We will continue to use one of these on our corals and report back what growth and coral coloration look like as a few months go by.

Have you tried Rapid’s lighting? What are your thoughts?

Check out our Red Planet blingin under the Rapid LED ONYX!!!!


Justin Hester ReefNation

Justin has kept and maintained marine aquariums for over 20 years. His love for everything coral led him to start ReefNation in 2010 which aims to inform others about the world’s oceans as well as provide sustainably grown corals to the reef aquarium industry. ReefNation currently grows over 150 unique corals in their 3 aquaculture facilities.