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Hopefully these links will help you in some way shape or form in maintaining or setting up your reef tank.  We have used these over the years to balance chemicals, mix up solutions, and dose our reef tanks.  Hopefully you can get some mileage out of them as well.


Water Chemistry-Dosing Alkalinity, Calcium, Kalkwasser, and Magnesium

-Bulk Reef Supply Calculator-  This page has to be one of the best.  Its a simple to use one stop shop on how to mix, dose, and not overdose some of the reef hobby’s most important chemicals ( calcium, alkalinity, magnesium,Kalkwasser).  No matter what recipe you follow or pretty much what product you use, this page can help you mix, and dose it into your reef tank.  Definitely one of the favorite links of our staff.

Bulk Reef Supply Calculator

Another calculator we have found to work well and have a few additional brands of supplement is the Reef Chemisty Calculator.

Reef Chemistry Calculator


Reef Mixology: Ways to make your chemical solutions

Randy’s Articles-  Whether you are a new reef keeper or you have been around long enough to remember when it was hard to find online material about water chemisty, the name Randy Holmes Farley should be a familiar one.  In addition to moderating the chemistry forum on Reefcentral, Randy has authored many articles that will give you a better understanding of many of the water parameters that we keep watch on in the reef aquarium hobby.

Randy’s Recipe- 


Ever wonder about the science behind the water chemistry?

Solving Calcium and Alkalinity Issues

Learning the Balance Between Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium

What should your reef aquarium water parameters look like?

Why is my pH so HIGH?

Why is my pH so LOW?

What exactly does a protein skimmer take OUT of your tank water?

What is a Calcium Reactor and why are they popular with Reef Aquarists?


Do you have a favorite tool or link that you would like to share with the Reefnation community?  Tell us about it.

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