ReefNation Celebrates A Couple Milestones

Like most businesses we spend much of our time looking ahead to plans and goals we are trying to hit. This past month we passed a couple milestones that we thought were worth noting as we take a brief glance in the rear view mirror.  Earlier in the spring ReefNation had our 2nd anniversary as well as our 1st year in partnership with Sea Escapes Ltd where we showcase many of our sustainably raised coral frags and colonies.

Our main frag tank


ReefNation 2 Year Anniversary

While we have been selling sustainable corals for about 10 years now, we officially began ReefNation a little over 2 years ago now.  For the coral folks we can try to put that to terms we understand better!

2 years for us is about 

-268 water changes ago

-12960 gallons of salt water

-Just shy of 260 bags of salt

-1924 Frag plugs ago

-43 tubes of Cyano Glue

– and about 104 gallons of protein skimmer brew… Yummy!

In that time we have grown from 500 gallons of coral growing power to well over 2000  as we added on 2 specialized growers that have mad skills at tweaking the ocean environments we recreate.  I first met both of them about 6 ye

ars ago when we were selling through word of mouth and craigslist.  Since that time, we have shared a passion to bring more of the rare, colorful, and hard to keep corals to folks with little if any impact on the worlds oceans.

Today we are offering upwards of 158 types of corals in an insane array of colors and growth habits to the coral reef community. Focusing on our “sustainable by nature”  approach, it has been great to see the support we get from coral reef enthusiasts, divers, local fish stores, and people who just care about our ocean environments.

This year we also added on a handful of interns to assist us with writing and marketing efforts.  I can’t say enough how their input has helped us keep our vision focused and our perspectives fresh as we bring more sustainable options to our industry.  With our main goal is to bring sustainable corals to market,  continues to act as a voice and microscope for the worlds oceans.  As our group of writers continues to grow, we will continue enhancing the information we provide on coral husbandry, the creatures that live in the ocean, and the current state of the health of ocean environments.

ReefNation Celebrates 1 year Anniversary With Sea Escapes

Sea Escapes - Sustainable Corals for Sale

All to often, there is a common misconception in our hobby, that all rare and beautiful corals come in on an airplane, are scooped up by the big shops, and then sold to their inner circle for large amounts of money. Earlier this month, ReefNation marked our 1yr anniversary working with our first business partner Sea Escapes LLC.  Sea Escapes that has been around since the mid 90’s and has played a big role in helping us over the last 10 years.

Owned by two brothers Don and Bob, Sea Escapes offers a wide array of marine organisms and most importantly can help folks with advice on how to make them thrive in their own tanks.  Don and Bob have shared our vision of bringing sustainable corals to the reef hobby and have demonstrated that by dedicating a section of their reef tanks to showcase ReefNations’ corals.  In these tanks, we are able to display common and rare corals to the public, giving them an option to choose corals that they know weren’t ripped out of the ocean.  These corals have also been adapted to life in captivity regarding water chemistry, lighting, and flow.  We have seen that this makes them more resistant to diseases and seems to enhance their growth tremendously.  We want to thank Sea Escapes for their partnership and dedication in this past year and look forward to a future filled with many more sustainable coral frags and colonies!