Costa Rican Morning-1

This week the ReefNation team is heading down to Costa Rica to check out some of the protected reefs there. We will be staying near the surfing town of Quepos in the Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. There are supposed to be some nice fringe reefs in the shadows of some of the offshore islands just beyond the breakers that we can snorkel to.

Pacific Coral Reef
For coral reefs to exist on the pacific side of the North American continent they need to be located in just the right spot. There is an ocean current that runs down the west side of North America that is responsible for upwelling cooler nutrient rich waters which prohibit most coral growth. It seems that you need to get far enough south for the waters to warm and clear up enough for coral reefs to proliferate on the western side of central and Latin America.

Costa Rican Reefs

The town where we will be staying is at about 8 degrees latitude which makes it both tropical enough to support some coral growth and far enough south to miss the path of most Hurricanes. We will try diving and snorkeling a few spots off the beach depending on how the visibility is. I am eager to try out the new go pro extension arm we got. It should allow us to get an exceptionally close up view of the wildlife, while keeping our bodies away so we don’t scare the creatures we find.

Stay tuned to the website and Facebook page for updates. Can’t wait to share what we find down there with you all!