ReefNation’s Sustainable Corals Available to the Public

ReefNation’s Sustainable Corals Available to the Public

We are proud to announce that ReefNation’s sustainably raised corals will be available at a local reef shop near you!  In our first partnership of this kind, our corals will be made available at Sea Escapes in South Elgin, IL. This is very exciting as Sea Escapes has been known for years as a place that the novice and expert alike can get honest, thorough advice on anything surrounding the fish and reefkeeping hobby. Owners Bob and Don Mikos have been in the industry for close to 20 years and have embraced our “Sustainable By Nature” message and are actively working to teach and share that message with the coral reef enthusiasts that they interact with daily.  Our intention is to compliment that approach with corals that were nurtured in captivity and should display a whole new range of hardiness, coloration, and overall vigor.

What Makes Sustainable Corals better for the Reef Aquarium?

We have all seen some of the insane color and growth habits of some of the wild caught corals that are sold on the internet.  The problem with many wild caught corals is that their health and colors are often times the result of the specific micro climate they came from in the ocean.  If we remove and transport these corals thousands of miles, we not only lose them from that habitat, but there is also a high risk that they will neither survive, nor re-exhibit the colors that they did in the wild.

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Corals share an interesting parallel with us whereby, certain individuals of one species show different traits, colors, and characteristics.  Here at ReefNation, we have been collecting specific corals for over 12 years now for their growth, color, and other unique traits.  As we find these individuals, they are grown and propagated into new colonies at one of our coral nurseries.  These frags are then grown into a size that will transport well and then brought to a local reef store like Sea Escapes near you.  Given the proper conditions, these corals will flourish for their new owners for years to come.

How Do I Know If The Corals I Buy Are Sustainable?

The only way we can continue to keep corals and exotic species from the marine environments of the world in captivity is if a more sustainable approach is taken.  At the end of the day, sustainably raised corals may cost a little bit more, but will reward you with a higher survival rate as well as we think, better overall growth and coloration.  At the end of the day though,  choosing these corals compared to wild collected ones is just a good thing to do.


Stop by Sea Escapes and see what we have to offer.  We would love to hear some feedback on how our ReefNation corals are doing  for you!