RN Speciosa and RN Northern Lights Loripes

by Justin Hester

These two corals rarely get together since they are both in the blue and purple family.  We used to have them about 8″ away from one another, but they have been creeping together as they grow towards our LED’s.  Both have been fairly easy SPS corals to keep and both have been growing in our tanks for 6-7 years now.  The loripes was a frag from a friend in Chicago and the Speciosa came from Jim Smith’s off the hook SPS tank here locally.  He runs mainly halides and we run LED’s so we had to spend a few months slowly acclimating this coral when we brought it over, but since then, it has grown in spectacular fashion and produced many frags for all of you out there in the hobby.

It is worth a quick note to mention that whenever you buy or trade frags, always get a little background on how and where they have been kept.  Knowing things like what kind of lighting they were kept under or how deep and with what flow can be key as you try to gradually adapt your new frag to your coral tank environment.  We also like to ask what the alkalinity was of the previous tank so that you know how long and gently you will be acclimating the coral upon arrival.  These simple things can save you from wasting money and also keep a coral from dying under your watch.  In addition, we always recommend keeping new corals under dim lighting for a few days to several weeks before locating them permantly in your tanks.  It goes without saying, but “Nothing good ever happens quick in a reef tank”!

Happy Reefing!