Sexy Samoensis

Here is a shot of our acropora samoensis.  This coral actually came to us about 4 years ago from a local reefer here in Chicagoland that was doing some work on his tank and needed it out of there for a while.  We placed it medium in one of our display tanks and then gradually moved it to the top where it sits today.  In fact, you can see it on the live ReefNation webcam on our homepage.  Its on the top left of the picture.

Depending on our water parameters, this coral can have a yellow, to tan, to pale green skin with reddish purple polyps.  When the lights go out, this corals polyps go out too, sometimes reaching a half inch!

About a year after getting this as a loaner frag, we fragged the owner back a nice piece and have been creating frags from it for the last 4 years.  Samoensis is a pretty hardy SPS coral and has a killer growth pattern that almost resembles acropora humillis or gemmifera.  If you would like a frag of it, take a look at it in our coral store or fire us an email at  Happy Reefing!