Courtesy of SyFy network and Sony Pictures

Sharknado 2: The Second One

Tonight on the SyFy network fans of the atrociously amazing Sharknado can witness the megalodong of all sequels, surreptitiously named “The Second One”.  I won’t go so far as to call the plot on the second installment of this nature vs nature dramedy an instant classic, but the social media following the first go around garnered was really almost as amusing to witness as the movie itself.  I remember coming into the office the next day with everyone a buzz about what they had witnessed on the SyFy channel the night before.

How do you top a Sharknado?

Plot or no plot, i’m sure that the loyal followers from the first go around will accompany many who watch late night re-runs on The Weather Channel will be saddling up to the couch to see what Sharknado 2 has in store.  As if sharks didn’t have enough trouble lately, now they have to watch out for chainsawed crusaders who are taking on the sharks as they fly through the streets of NYC.

We are pretty sure of a couple of things.  First, Tara Reid formerly known for being short a toe in The Big Lebowski, will be wielding a chainsaw hand chopping as sharks that come flying through the air.  Second, Ian Ziering will be trying to mount his comeback while trying to save Manhattan’s landmarks with a 6ft chainsaw of his own.

So grab a couple friends, some popcorn and of course don’t forget your chainsaws July 30th at 9est/8cst to witness the carcharodon cult classic that is Sharknado 2.