LED Reef Aquarium Light Adjustable 18”– 24” 50,000 Hour Bulbs Super Bright


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    • The SR Aquaristik Reef Aquarium LED Strip Light L27 gives you all the shimmering effects of halogen or metal halide lighting at a fraction of the energy cost.  Optimized for use in reef aquariums – boasting 10x (HO) watt 14,000K LEDs and 8x (HO) 1 watt powerful 460nm actinic blue LEDs that provide the ideal spectral output for coral growth and color.
      Key Features Include:
      • Extendable fixture is designed for aquariums from 18″ – 24″
      • 1400K full spectrum white & 460nn blue LED combination
      • Enhances coral & fish color
      • Simple & quick installation
      • 3 year warranty
      • 18 (HO) super bright LED lights
      • 50,000 hour bulbs
      • 18 VDC external power source that is CUL approved
      • 27 Watt Power consumption
      • 3 Year Warranty
      • 10 High Output (HO) White LED Lights
      • 8 High Output (HO) Blue LED Lights
      • Aluminum extrusion with ABS end caps
      • Protective lens protects the LED bulbs
      • Total Wattage 27 Watts
      • Manual Power Switch
      • Can be used with an external timer (sold seperately)
      Dimensions:  Length 18″/45.72cm Width 5″/12.5cm Height 1″/2.5cm

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Dimensions22 × 10 × 8 in


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