Whether you like or dislike how coral reef aquariums were portrayed in Animal Planet’s “Tanked”  last year, the show is back for a second season here starting on April 14th.  The NY duo of  Wade King and Brett Raymer is back for what will probably be a season of pranks, arguments, and let’s hope some impressive tank builds.


Last season the premiere of this show was highly anticipated by most reef tank enthusiasts as potentially being able to shed more attention to the reef aquarium hobby and hopefully raise awareness for the fragile ecosystems that we keep in our homes.  As the show aired though, there was diffinitly a mixed reaction from the reef aquarium world which ranged from love to borderline nausea.  Some felt that the show portrayed a lack of care for the animals that are kept in the beautiful tanks these guys create as demonstrated by the 80% of the show that is the build and the 20% that often showed tanks being filled and stocked fully the same day.

As the 2011 season progressed though, we did see these new found reality TV stars show up at many a coral frag swap, local society meeting and from what I have read show a genuine interest and concern for the reef aquarium side of the hobby.  Let’s hope that in this coming season we can see in addition to their antics, a little more focus on the fragility and need for care when choosing, adding, and caring for the marine life that is keep in the awesome tanks that the team at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing builds.  The show certainly has us all watching and has the potential of being a great platform to raise awareness and also educate those that are new to the aquarium hobby.

Are you a fan of the show?  Have anything you would like to share about it?