Feast for the Fishies!

Thanksgiving Feast For Your Reef Tank

Your fish and corals have no idea what the holiday season is. They don’t get to enjoy the leaves changing, the geese heading south, or the first snowflakes falling.  In the holiday spirit, it would be nice of you to prepare them a little surf and turf holiday banquet like we did this morning for our main display.

Coral Food Our Reef Tank Loves

So no one felt left out, we prepared a little feast for both our corals and fish.  Here is the recipe if you would like to try it at home.  For the corals we started with some fish eggs from the Asian food store. To that, we added some Reef Chili which makes a nice paste when you mix it up. You can put this paste in one of your power heads or just use a squeeze bottle to target feed your corals. Judging by the rate the corals were closing up on this food, they were digging the holidays hard core!

All the food coming out of the Tunze Wavebox
Fish Food Feast!

The banquet for the fish started with some fresh shrimp. The exquisite wrasse love to tear these apart and the rest of the crew picks up all the small pieces that are left floating around. Some 3×3″ pieces of nori and spinach gave the tangs a workout as one would tear off pieces while the other tried to pull it away.  The smaller damsels, chromis, and wrasse are easy to please with some finely diced dulce algae, avocado,  and spectrum food soaked in garlic.  I like to add most of this food to the Tunze Wavebox so that it not only gets fed slowly, but it also minimizes the amount of food that goes over the overflow.

Treat yourself and your reef tank this holiday season to a nice meal with all the food groups especially flake food and seaweed! Most of all have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


Got some other foods you give your fish and corals for a treat?  We would love to hear about them!