The New Orphek Atlantik V4 Compact Reef LED Lighting System for Optimal Coral Growth & Color

There’s a new product being introduced to the reefer’s aquariums! The New Orphek Atlantik V4 Compact Reef LED Lighting System for Optimal Coral Growth and Color has made its debut. Orphek is now offering this quality LED in a size 39″ x 27″.  The light comes with 42 dual chip LEDs with infra-red spectrum, giving an all-natural color to your tank. Not only this, but the Atlantik V4 Compact technology brings in built-in wireless control, allowing you to program, control and monitor your lights from your cell phone or tablet, any time and any place, no matter where you are in the world!


Orphek Atlantik V4 Compact Reef LED Lighting System

Why is lighting so important in your reef system?

Many of the corals, anemones and other invertebrates we keep in reef systems have symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae, residing in their tissues. Through photosynthesis, the zooxanthellae utilize sunlight to produce nutrients, which they share with their hosts, providing much of the food these invertebrates need to survive. This lighting system increasingly supports these needs!

What’s New?

Atlantik V4 combines 16 new types of custom made dual core LEDs in range from 380nm to 850nm for maximum photochemical efficiency! Orphek has already set the standard in the market for its advanced comprehension of color spectrums and its influences on coral physiology and once again is releasing another cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology, by bringing a revolutionary change with this new addition to the aquarium world. 

What It Offers

This is an important new product; it brings optimal coral beauty, growth, color and health! The goal with the V4 was to try to minimize as much outbreak of cyanobacteria and/or growth of nuisance algae. However, your tank still needs to be cleaned regularly. Orphek has succeeded to offer a new spectrum that balances just enough red with other colors of the spectrum to create a healthy balance of light. Further, it has the highest PAR/PUR per watt, the highest spectrum output and the highest efficiency power supply out there!

What else comes with your new V4 LED? It comes with the power cord with a waterproof connector, a stainless steel hanging kit, a driver and a mean well fan-less IP65 power supply. But what else is available to purchase? There’s a 3m extension cable, and Orphek router and an Orphek Gateway with the ability to control 200+ units.


By launching new ground breaking technology, Orphek is working toward a goal to provide a solid and reliable control system that enables reefers to get the look that they want for their tank, while providing the best light possible for your corals.