Took our submersible for a spin in the frag tank this morning

Got a new camera and took it for a tour of the frag tank.  It makes me wish that I could just snorkel my way through there someday!  We start on the left side where all the LPS and some SPS are under the T5’s.  We then motor on down to where the LED’s and MH lighting is. You can see some of the fish underneath the egg crate too wondering what the heck is going on.  Finally, we end up in the lagoon side of our large grow out tank where most of the tall LPS and goniopora and euphyllia (frog spawn)  live.  This side is about 12″ deep and is under some blue LED lights, but catching a little orange glow from the nearby metal halides as well.    Hope you enjoyed!  Lots of frags you can checkout on our site here.