Tuna or Jack Fly By

by Justin Hester

**Turn your youtube settings to HD 720p and check out the first few seconds of the video a few times**

So as I write this, I am back home hunkered down indoors while it is 11 degrees outside.  I am wishing for just a few more hours of yesterday’s snorkeling adventure in Mexico before had to head home.

Yesterday I decided to swim out about 2500ft from shore to a reef we had seen from high up in the hotel lobby.  I headed out right after breakfast solo and made my way out to where the coral covered mounds started to pop off the white sandy bottom.  By Mexico standards, it was a chilly 61 degree start to the day which created a nasty thermocline close to shore that blocked all visibility to the bottom.  As I got further out, it lessened, but was still pretty chilly without a wet suit.  For those that haven’t experienced this, a thermocline makes the water you are swimming in look like you have added a heap of sugar to it.  Visibility is suddenly reduced to a few blurry inches where the colder top layer mixes with the warm reef water below.  A hundred yards from shore the light breeze was enough to keep these layers mixed over night and I could finally see the bottom.

Snorkeling With Atlantic Tangs

In the first couple seconds of the video, you will see the jack swim by my right side.  Just before that, I had been following a school of Atlantic Tangs, but had let them swim out of sight.  As I turned around to swim back to the coral mounds, these Atlantic Tangs came flying underneath and right past me.  As I turned to look what was chasing them, that is when this Jack or Tuna came flying by after them.  It looks to be about 3-4ft from the video, but when I was paddling about 2500ft from shore it looked a LOT bigger than that.

I saw a few more that were a bit smaller when I got back to the coral mounds, but none of those pictures came out.  I”ll put some other video’s up shortly from the different spots we snorkeled at in Mexico.