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Watch Your Nuts!  Warning Recalled


written by: Jyang Roup
A warning released over the wekend seems to have ben a joke that nobody was laughing at. The warning which was targeted at male swimmers who were regular swimmers at the coast of sweden and denmark that they should protect their private parts if they were to be safe from a testicle biting fish. the fish had been said to focus only on the nuts pun intended of its food source in this case the human male swimmers.

How it all started
This all started after a danish fisherman caught the Pacu which is originally found in the south America region and was told by a professor from the coppenhagen museum of natural history that they should be careful as the fish could probably mistake testicles for tree nuts which was the Pacus favorite food and munch on them.It is this statement that led professor Peter Rask Moller to issue a press release about the weird discovery.

The press release by professor Peter Rask
in a news release about the discovery of the fish at the coast between denmark and sweden ,proffesor peter rask mollar apparently was joking when he warned that those people intendind to take a birth in the oresund should protect their private parts against the fish and never intended for the joke to get so much publicity.

Image of Colossoma macropomum (pacú, pacu, tam...Clarification about his “joke”
It turned out later in an email to CNN he half jokingly said that his reccomendation was for men to keep their swim costumes tied up until they figured out how many nut eating fish was out their. This was a joke since it was highhly unlikely that you would meet one at this coast and then it bites you.

Interesting facts about the south american nut eating pacus fish.
William fink who is a piranha researcher at michigan university and also a curator at the museum of zoology at the same school ,came out strongly and tried to demistify the south american pacu, he said that :-

1. The pacus which is a very close relative to the piranha has teeth that do resemble the human molars unlike their piranha relative which have razor sharp inter locking teeth that can tear through flesh and when the pacus byte their teeth, they fit together perfectly and they use them to crush their food and not to tear it off or to tear it apart.

2. The pacus are herbivores i.e they only feed on vegetables and there is no evidence that they have ever fed on humans.infact the big molar teeth they have is for crushing and munching seeds.

3. He also said that the Pacu always swim under fruit producing trees under high tide and patiently wait for the fruits nuts and seeds to drop from the trees and once they drop the fish swim up to the surface to eat them and thus in no way does the human being mimic a tree or the falling seeds .


4. The easiest way for fishermen to catch the pacus by hooking a fruit at the end of their fishing line and dropping it on water where it floats and when the pacus sees the fruit it grabs it and ends up being caught in the fisherman’s hook .


Large Pacu at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago.
Where the Pacus are normally found
Professor Peter Rask Moller speculated as to the availability of the pacus in this coast between sweden and denmark saying it was unusual to find the south American Pacu so far north and thus it is very likely that the pacus was bred somewhere else by a fish farmer or taken from an aquarium owner who was an amateur and was released in the water here saying that the pacus could not survive in a cold and chilly temperature and also it could not survive in salty water that is found at this coast strait .

Makes apology
Moller in the end reiterated that his intention was to publicize the discovery and at the same time inform the public that the fish can be probably dangerous and invasive and the story of them biting of nuts was never ti be the main headline and added that indeed he was sorry if the joke had caused any trouble.


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