Whales Almost Swallow Divers

written by: Simeon Trifonov

Recently the whole planet was shocked by a video filmed by a diving crew of a diver being almost swallowed by two humpback whales.The video was named”Whales swallow divers” but in the video there was no evidence of a diver being swallowed by a whale.  The footage was shot off the coast of Central California where these humpbacks were just having lunch by trying to swallow small fish but ended up scaring a local diver squad. They for a minute thought they would lose a member of their diving group.  Another reason the whales possibly reacted this way could be that they were protecting each other from danger or they were simply just playing with the divers.  Just like if you have a wildcat even if it grows up with you it still has the wildlife habits that can make it dangerous for our lifes because even it the wildcat finds it as a game it could still hurt you, in this scenario the two whales maybe thought of all this as a game but the divers didnt think of it in such way as the gigantic animal could have trapped them within their enormous body and made sure they run out of oxygen. We shouldn’t build an idea of these animals as being dangerous because they are harmless as long as they are treated with the respect they deserve.

Whales Almost Eat Divers Be Careful When Entering The Habitat Of A Creature The Size Of A Bus

Passing by the wild habitat our behavior should be much like what is expected when visiting another human’s home so we should show some respect to the wild animals. In this case, it was pretty clear that the whales were engaging in a group feeding technique that results in them careening towards the surface mouths wide open.  The first clue to the divers should have been the fact that there were whales in the area as well as seagulls feeding at the surface.   The whales probably dove down as a group where they blow a curtain of bubbles  that makes the bait fish think they are caught in a net.  The bait fish then get all packed tightly in a ball.  Next other whales from the group swim below the circle of bubbles and come up through the middle of it with their mouths wide open.  Feeding this way allows them to get the maximum amount of return on the energy they expend.

We can always protect the nature by donating a small amount of money to agencies that protect the wildlife, but it is also important to be good stewards of the environments we live in and visit.  In the case of the divers, they got some pretty awesome video footage, but it could have turned out quite different if they were over about 10ft!